introduction, copyright, disclaimer



I’m not big on introductions.

I usually just want to get to the story, rather than the explanation of why, where, how, when and because of whom.

But. This isn’t that kind of introduction.

If you decide to read the BlackBerry Diet, you’ll figure out why and how and when and who fucked up.


I write a blog called Barbi does Miami. I have quite a few fans and followers to whom I’m ever so grateful because without you I wouldn’t dream about publishing the BlackBerry Diet on a blog. Like so many authors, even established ones, I’m going e-book. I’ll do an App, a PDF and anything else that you can access and/or download on whatever pad/kindle/machine takes this story about a BlackBerry that has the magic power of inducing weight loss…

Sorry, too much introduction already.

Here follows the manuscript that was called: ” a terrific concept —very catchy— and I like the edge to Barbara’s voice. That said, I worry that this kind of women’s* fiction can be hit or miss and that we wouldn’t be able to get behind it in a big enough way to make it work at the level we’d want.” from Random House.

* Women’s fiction? Many men who read the BB Diet were just as interested in it as they were in, say, Fatal Attraction…



The copyright of the BlackBerry Diet, text and images, belongs to Barbara de Vries and has been registered with the Author’s Guild – August  2010.


When I write I’m not thinking memoir or fiction, I write ….

The BlackBerry Diet is a novel, which means that, although many of the events I describe were inspired by real-life experiences, I created a story and therefore ALL names, characteristics, times and places are fictional:

“Nothing in this story should be considered accurate or reliable” –  James Frey, Bright Shiny Morning.


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